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The InputDateTime control unifies InputDate and InputTime into a single control, saving some screen real-estate in scenarios where you do want to edit the date and time parts of a Date object.

The InputDateTime control format property should be set to a format such as "g", which displays both date and time. It has two drop-down buttons, one for showing a calendar and one for a list of times.

The InputDateTime control extends the InputDate, so all properties and events are available as usual. It adds a group of properties to control the time-specific parameters of the control:

  • inputTime: Gets a reference to the inner InputTime control.
  • timeMin, timeMax, timeStep: Get or set the parameters used to populate the list of times shown in the time drop-down.
  • timeFormat: Gets or sets the format used to show time values in the InputTime drop-down.

The InputDate and InputTime controls can be used separately or together, to edit the date and time information in a Javascript Date object.