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Export FlexGrid to a file

This sample shows how to export a FlexGrid having row groups to a PDF file using the export method.

FlexGridPdfConverter provides export class method to export FlexGrid to a file.

The method takes the following arguments:

  • The FlexGrid instance to export.
  • Name of the PDF file to which grid is to be exported.
  • The export settings. Along with other settings, it provides the documentOptions property that refers to the PdfDocument constructor options.

For example, the following code exports the FlexGrid to a file with name "FlexGrid.pdf" and declares that the document should have A4 page size:

wijmo.grid.pdf.FlexGridPdfConverter.export(flexGrid, "FlexGrid.pdf", {
    documentOptions: {
        pageSettings: {
            size: wijmo.pdf.PdfPageSize.A4

You can change the following export settings using the menus below:

  • scaleMode: Determines how the FlexGrid content should be scaled in order to fit the page.
  • orientation: Determines the orientation of pages.
  • exportMode: Determines whether the whole grid or a section should be exported.

In addition, the following export settings are configured when calling the export method in this sample:

  • documentOptions.pageSettings.header and documentOptions.pageSettings.footer: To provide automatic page numbering.
  • To provide document information.
  • styles: To set up appearance of the FlexGrid being exported.