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Formatting Dates and Numbers

To globalize your Wijmo application, include a reference to the appropriate culture file after loading Wijmo. Wijmo includes over 45 culture files you can choose from.


Dates are formatted using the Globalize.formatDate function. The format strings are described here: Date and Time Format Strings.

In addition to the standard .NET format specifiers, Wijmo supports a few additional specifiers including 'Q/q' for quarter, 'U/u' for fiscal quarter, and 'EEEE/eeee' for fiscal year.


Numbers are formatted using the Globalize.formatNumber function. The format strings are described here: Numeric Format Strings.

Wijmo numeric formats allows you to include an explicit currency symbol to be used instead of the current culture's symbol. For example, an English application may need to generate lists with amounts in Dollars, Euros, and Yens.